I am a dilute torti, meaning my colors are lighter than a regular torti. I'm outgoing but with less "torti-tude". I'd love for you to pet my silky fur and make me your own.
I am as graceful & exquisite as a willow in the wind. Please take me home so I can grace your home.
I have a blue cap & a blue tail & some other interesting blue spots. I am a total sweetie pie!
Black as the night with bewitching gold eyes, I am quite shy at 1st.
Tokuko is a child of value to be treasured and loved. She is a darling young lady.
This is a woman, you can trust, extremely smart. She will give you all of her heart IF you are lucky! A Naomi is strong, funny...normally very much creatures of habit. She is spiritual in part due to her name being in the bible. You can go to her for good advice on just about anything....she can be honest to a fault. If you ask her opinion she will give it to you!
Tracys are the nicest cats in the world.... some may think they're kinda weird or a tad nuts but you'll see Tracys are the best cats to have around. They dance and they love; they're funny, cuddly, adorable and just all round fantastic.
Sierra is looking for her best friend in life and wants to live with the person she loves the most. If you are lucky, that could be you!
Precious lady!
15-Aug-2018Palmyra, NE +20 milesDogs for Sale
Stunning, lively Luna shares her love of everything with everyone. Luna is, we believe, labrador/border collie, so she is smart as well as good-natured. Luna is nicely house-trained and kennel trained. She is treat motivated and will sit nicely upon command. Luna is only 10 mnths old, and though started on obedience, is still a little too active for very small children. Our 12yr old loves train...
15-Aug-2018Palmyra, NE +20 milesDogs for Sale
Max to the rescue! If you want a big, lovely, playful, obedient, and did we say stunning dog, our Max may be the dog for you. Max is a red hound/bulldog with "max"imum personality. He LOVES to play with balls, though he does like to keep them, and, at 5yrs, he is beyond the chewing and destructive stage, not to mention being nicely house-trained and kennel trained. Max is great with older kids ...
15-Aug-2018Palmyra, NE +20 milesDogs for Sale
Auggie may look like a rough and tough dog, but really, he is a shy dog who just wants love Auggie found himself in a big city shelter, and because he is unsure of himself, he barked at anyone who came to look at him. Because of this and because there just isn't enough room in these big shelters for all the dogs taken in, Auggie was going to be euthanized. We found out about Auggie, and thanks ...
Used for a guinea pig, everything is still in good condition

Cat house

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Bert is a playful, energetic foxhound. Hes likes to run so a running partner would be a nice fit. Bert is a foxhound, so anything fun or a game is his favorite thing. If you are interested in adopting a dog from AHOD, please visit www.allhounds.com/... see more at Petfinder
Stella is a Red Merle and Woody is a tri blend. Both are 7yrs old. Looking to keep them together and to a home where someone is around most of the day. Both love walks and have nice energy.
Mr Shasta is 1 of the soda puppies. We agree.... "it hasta be Shasta"! 1 look into those eyes and you are done for. Shasta is such a sweet boy & he's playing very well with the other puppies in his foster home, watch him here: https://youtu.be/qtY5pbCEPOw. This special boy is quickly learning his house manners. Shasta is a adorable playmate and a nice cuddle bug. Shasta is a Walker Hound/Mounta...
Meet Atom! He is definitely the instigator in his litter. Atom loves to play rough with his 2 sisters. When Atom is finally tuckered out from all of his rough housing, he loves to snuggle up to his foster mom. He really is a sweetie! Atom has been around 2 small dogs in his foster home and although he was leery at 1st, he has since come around and gets along well with them. Atom also has perfec...
Meet Alexa! She is the smallest of her litter but don't let that fool you she has a big personality! Alexa s favorite thing to do when she is not napping is to bat around 1 of her cat toys and play keep-away from her siblings. Alexa has been around 2 small dogs in her foster home and has gotten along well with them from the beginning. She is a true sweetheart and uses a litterbox like a pro. Al...
Meet Ambrosia! She is the curious cat of her litter. When Ambrosia is not investigating new things she is usually eating. The girl loves to eat! Ambrosia has been around 2 small dogs in her foster home and has gotten along well with them from the beginning. Ambrosia also uses a litterbox well. Ambrosia is excited to meet her new family! Ambrosia is a female Dilute Calico kitten born approx 4-30...
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