Many collectible items you dont want to miss. Stereo equipment, receivers, turntables, speakers. Fisher and Sony systems put together in cabinets. LPs and 45s. Great selection for your jukebox. Video Discs of Star Wars and Superman. 8 Track players and classic 8 track tapes and cassettes. Carrying cases for all types of music. Railroad items and memorabilia, pictures, rail bookends. Sports card...
Selling for Kim Meyers from Steve & Kim Meyers collection. This sale has some amazing items on it and will surely have many surprises found for sale day. Mostly sports items in this sale but we do have some movie star and Hollywood memorabilia along with a jukebox, pinball machine and retro radios and record players. 50+ bats, game used and autographed. including Hall of fame bat signed by many...
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