Hiya we was just wondering if anyone had any household stuff they don't want the only problem is I don't drive its just that we are struggling and with Xmas coming up we have hardly nothing in our 2bed house
Looking for a metal bed frame for a queen mattress. I've got the mattress just nothing to put it on. I can haul. Thank you!
Looking for a bunk bed frame I have matteresses my boys are sleeping on them on the floor and there room isnt big so they have no room to play. If you have a bunk bed you want to get rid of and its still in useable shape let me know thank you!
I just moved was unable to bring my old tree and looking for a tree for a home with 10ft Ceilings. I don't have much money. If you have one you would like to get rid of I would really appreciate the help
My stepson is low on jeans due to the fact the his mother takes the clothes that fit him that we send him to her in and she sends him home in clothes to small. Between what my husbands mom and ourselves he now doesnt have any that fit him here now and he is trying to fit into 7's ugh. If you have an sizes between 8-10 that you can part with please let me know thank you! And merry christmas
I am in desperate need of a boxspring and frame. I am battling cancer and dont have much money or help. Just wanting to get off the floor.
Do you have a Teeter inversion table that s taking up extra room? I would be so grateful for it and I d put it to good use. :-) Cat
I am looking for a 3 legged, cast iron dutch oven for camping. Rusted is fine, as I can reseason it. It would be much used if you have one gathering dust!
Looking for old mailboxes. Doesn't matter how rusty, dented, beat up they are.
WTB slow, broken, or non working laptops. Cracked screens, missing keys broken drives. I will take any of them. Let me know what you have and i will give you an offer.